Top Deck Club Of The MV Reef Encounter

top-deck-club - Great Barrier Reef dive
When you are looking for the best stay on the Great Barrier Reef or the Best Liveaboard then your clear choice is the MV Reef Encounter. When you want something even more than special then it is the Top Deck Club. The Top Deck Club is a level of personal attention and service that goes beyond the outstanding service that is the standard on-board the MV Reef Encounter.
The MV Reef Encounter is unlike any of the other Liveaboards that are servicing the Great Barrier Reef. Often referred to as a floating boutique hotel it resembles a luxury yacht more than a typical dive boat. At 35 meters long this catamaran fits the mega-yacht category. Her twenty-one luxury staterooms all have ocean views. All the interior spaces are spacious and air conditioned. The dinning and lounge provide comfortable seating for both meals and relaxation for the maximum forty-two guest on-board. The forward area of the main deck has a hot tub with splendid views of the surrounding Great Barrier Reef, a sun deck provides the perfect place to work on a tan or read a book during the day, and star gazing at night. All yachts worthy of the destination of Mega-yacht should have a helipad and the MV Reef Encounter’s helipad is above the Captains wheel house. Being a diving vessel as well as a boutique hotel the dive deck is well appointed for divers and snorkelers.
Top Deck Club, Where Perfection Gets Better
Many luxury yachts have a position on-board of a Chief Steward. On these yachts the Chief Steward is primarily responsible for the comfort and attention to the yachts owner or his designated VIP guest. While the job title may be different, when you are a Top Deck Club guest, you are a VIP and will have assigned to you crew member doing duties that are more expansive than even the best Chief Stewards.
The special service that you will receive as a Top Deck Club Member starts when you arrive at the MV Reef Experience for your transportation to the MV Reef Encounter. You will receive priority check in service and your luggage will be taken care of for you as you are escorted to the captains wheel house. The wheel house is arranged for the comfort of the Top Deck guest and allows the guest the best views. While preparing to getting under way, your breakfast will be served at your table in the wheel house. The MV Reef Experience is a high speed catamaran and will have you alongside the MV Reef Encounter on an outer barrier reef in under 90 minutes. You will be given priority in transferring to the MV Reef Encounter where your personal crew member will be waiting for you. During your stay this person will not only be doing duties normally associated with a Chief Steward, they will also be your in-water guides, whether you are snorkeling or scuba diving. Top Deck diving guest can have each dive privately guided by their crew member. Those that are not a certified diver will be given a private resort course and generally this person will also be your instructor.
When you arrive at your stateroom, champagne and fruit awaits those who do not plan on going into the water, those that do can have the champagne with the evening meal. Top deck Guests have the option of joining the other guest in the main dinning area, or having a specially prepared meal served under the stars. There are also cocktails for watching the sunset or for star gazing. The entire day your crew member will take care of anything that you need, be it setting up your scuba gear, giving you a guided tour of the reef or arranging the departure of the glass bottom boat to fit your schedule.
The morning brings something special to the MV Reef Encounter, the sunrise water session. Whether you are snorkeling or diving this is the best time of the day to be in the water. Let your guide point out the things that you might have missed without them there. For breakfast again you have the choice of the dinning area or in this case having a special breakfast delivered to your stateroom at the time that you request.
On your last day on-board the MV Reef Encounter, as a Top Deck Club guest you have full use of your stateroom until it is time to board the MV Reef Experience for the trip back to Cairns. Generally guest vacate their rooms after breakfast so they can be prepared for incoming guest. On the way back to Cairns, one again you will have the privacy of the wheel house and can enjoy some wine with a cheese and fruit platter.
With the Top Deck Club service of the MV Reef Encounter, all the fine details are taken care of for you so that you have the best personalized experiences and service.