Learn To Scuba Dive The PADI Way With Pro Dive Cairns


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Pro Dive has been an icon of Cairns diving since it first opened in 1983. It is a PADI 5 star training center and an Instructor Development Center. The Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) is one of the worlds leading diving accreditation agencies. While there are hundreds of different regional accreditation agencies around the world,the largest two PADI and SSI (Scuba Schools International) certified about ¾ of all recreational divers. Pro Dive with over 100,000 certifications trained is one of PADI’s most productive centers.  Being in the best place on earth to scuba dive certainly helps with that achievement.

Medical Requirements

Anyone wishes to learn to dive in Queensland must take a dive physical before starting training.  The medical form must state that is the examination was done to Australian Standards AS4005-1. While it is possible that you can get an exam before coming to the Cairns it may be best to allow yourself time to do it at Cairns. The programs with Pro dive allows time to visit a dive medicine doctor that is near their training center. Certified divers will be required to complete a medical questionnaire. Answering yes to any of the questions will require a medical examination before you are allowed to dive.

Learn To Dive Pro Dive (Cairns) Five Day Course

The five day open water diver course is one of the more popular courses for visitors as it combines two days of land based training and three days aboard one of Pro dive’s Liveaboard vessels. Pro Dive owns three 25 meter Liveaboard dive boats that they use in their five day training program. The boats are also used by divers who wish to have a three day- two night Liveaboard stay out on the Great Barrier Reef.

The first two days are split between the classroom sessions and pool sessions. The first day starts with your course paperwork and the first theory portion. Those who do not have the appropriate medical clearances, arrangements will be made to visit a local doctor during the lunch break. After lunch is the first pool session in the purpose built dive training center. The two pool sessions cover the basic skills that you need to know before doing your open water training. While some people may have a little problem at first they are quickly accomplished. These will be practiced until they become second nature. You will surprise but by the time you complete the open water training, these tasks will be an automatic reflex and take a second or two. The second day you start off with the second pool session refine the basic skills and practice some buoyancy exercises. The afternoon will finish up your theory and final written exam.

Your open water training will be on one of their three day two night Liveaboards. Arriving at the dive shop early and transferring to the boat you will be out to the reef before 10:00 am. They have 16 dive sites spread over four outer reefs for your training.  Milln reef, Flynn reef, Thetford reef and Pellowe all provide dive sites that are suitable for training and novice divers while still have interesting and challenging dives for advance divers. Your first day will have you do one morning dive and one afternoon dive for your training. There is time for you to snorkel if you wish.  The second day at sea, you will have a breath taking sunrise dive before breakfast and a fourth training dive in the morning.  During this dive the instructor will give you the thumbs up when you have passed all the skills and you are a certified diver. After lunch you can take your first dive as a certified diver. In the evening will be another first. A night dive. The instructor will give you a guided night tour of the dive site. The last morning has time for two dives before heading back to port.

Learn To Dive Traditional Four Day Course

You can call this the traditional course because it is the format that most PADI training facilities world -wide uses. The first two days follow the same format. For your training dives you will use day boats from Tusa dive. These boats depart from Marlin Marina each morning take you out for your two training dives and return in the late afternoon.

If you are looking for a PADI open water certification  in Cairns then Pro dive is your best choice.