Top Deck Club Resort Dive Aboard The MV Reef Encounter

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MV Reef Encounter

The Cairns based MV Reef Encounter is well know in scuba diving circles as one of the finest Liveaboard diving vessels in the world. It is also known as an award-winning floating boutique hotel, the only one of its kind in Australia. She proudly boasts of 21 luxurious staterooms each with an ocean view to die for. Whether a guest is on-board for scuba diving, snorkeling or to just enjoy the scenery and fresh air they are assured that they will be pampered the entire time. The chef produces three excellent meals a day along with a morning and afternoon tea (snacks) and mid evening is a special desert. All the interior spaces are of course air conditioned and the sun deck is the place to work on your tan while reading a book or just looking out at the sea. You can also get a great view of the marine life from here, but not as good as from the MV Reef Encounters glass bottom boat. Of course being a dive Liveaboard as well as a boutique hotel, means that the snorkeling and scuba diving is just a few steps away.

The Top Deck Club On The MV Reef Encounter

While the service is excellent on the MV Reef Encounter, show by receiving an award of excellence for trip advisers among other awards. Sometime you might want something that is beyond the norm, it might be a honeymoon, a special celebration or just a treat for yourself. The Top Deck Club is personalized service.  From the moment you step on-board the MV Reef Encounter to the moment you leave you are treated as a VIP. You will have specially prepared meals, with dinners under the stars if you wish, breakfast served in your stateroom, evening cocktails and welcoming champagne. To insure that you have what you want a member of the crew will be assigned just for you. They will coordinate a glass bottom boat ride if that what you wish, they will give you a talk on the marine animals you may see even set up your gear and lead your water sessions.  The benefits start at the dock with the transfer to the MV Reef Encounter  and continue till your return to Cairns. The benefits of the  Top Deck club are extensive and should be looked at. One item of special interest is the programs that are tailored to your individual needs and desires. There are programs for certified divers, those wanting to learn to scuba dive and those who just want to snorkel.

Top Deck Resort Dive

The Top Deck Resort Dive program is an in between package. It is designed to give the guest who is not a certified diver the maximum amount of time underwater without becoming a certified diver.  Let us start with a short description of a resort dive. A Resort dive, also sometimes called an introductory dive or a try scuba, are programs authorized by the scuba diving accreditation agencies that allow instructors to teach basic principals of diving and to take guest on a shallow dive. The program contains three parts, a short theory portion, a skills portion and the resort dive itself. The theory portion does not take long but includes some vitally critical information for a safe dive. The skills portion covers some of the basic skills that a student taking an open water training program would learn in their first lesson. This is done in calm shallow waters.  They cover such items as replacing a mask under water, finding the regulator that fell out of your mouth because your jaw dropped when the turtle swam by and a few other emergency procedures. Most people can master these skills in just a few tries and by the end of the skills practice can do them without thinking. When you and the instructor are comfortable with your skills then they will escort you on a dive at a regular dive site used by the certified divers. While your depth limit might be shallower than a certified diver you will be right there with them.

The Top Deck Resort dive program starts with the normal resort dive training and the resort dive. Your crew member will be your dedicated instructor. After the first resort dive there are an additional four resort dives during your two day one night stay. On these additional dives, you skip the theory training and the shallow water and go direct to the dive site with the certified divers. The instructor might have you practice one or two of the skills before you start, many certified divers do that as part of their diving as well. You will likely spend as much time underwater as the certified divers and on some dive sites be at the same depth.

The top Deck club gives an incredible level of service and when you combined that with the resort dive package you will get the most out of your stay.